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Our Riddle App premiered in Q1 2020. Enjoy a large list of riddles that range from super easy to ones that require a genius to solve. Each one will be given to you by a highly intelligent robot named Eyezak. Can you beat him? Do you have what it takes? Is your brain smarter than the average puny human one? Read our blog for some answers! Find us on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.
Keep up to date with a Riddle of the Day and beat Eyezak if you can! He knows a lot of Riddles!

Riddle of the Day (ROTD):

We want you to be able to beat Riddle Robot Eyezak, the Puzzle Master! Because of that, we are putting together a ROTD series on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to help you beat the Riddle Robot App! Follow us there to stay up to date on all those answers. We will also be posting major announcements about Riddle Robot there too, so if you are interested in keeping up to date, then join our community, and stay up to date about this new Riddle App!

The App:

“Riddle Robot Eyezak, the Puzzle Master” came out in early 2020! This Riddle App features a highly intelligent Robot named Eyezak, and he knows a TON of riddles. In fact, he knows over 4000 riddles, and he is ready to challenge you! He loves showing off how smart he is by asking us “puny humans” riddles. He knows riddles that are easy, which anyone can solve. But he also knows some really hard riddles that you have to be a genius to answer!

Now that he is here, we are helping you with the ROTD Series mentioned above, so that you have a chance at beating him! Pay close attention to the ROTD series, because it may even include giving you some exclusive offers or access to free coins inside the app, which you can use to help you beat him! It is really important to us that you have the tools you need to beat Eyezak and answer his sometimes insane riddles!

If you have an Android or iOS device, and you want a new Riddle App, you will be able to find “Riddle Robot Eyezak” in your respective app store (black icon, with a pair of blue eyes and teeth on it). Eyezak is always looking for new human minds to boggle, so if you think you are up to the task of beating him, then by all means download the app and try to answer his riddles! You may be surprised at how hard they are!


“Riddle Robot Eyezak, the Puzzle Master” can operate on several different levels! Some of the levels in our Riddle App will be available to you immediately. Eyezak will only offer you harder levels, once you have proven to him that your puny human brain is stronger than he estimated! Solve enough of the lower level riddles, and those higher level riddles will become available! Here are the levels, a description of each, and if they are unlocked to start or not:

  • Dad Jokesunlocked – These ones are on the easier side, and tend to be a little funny, or punny even. Many people might even say they resemble Dad Jokes instead of riddles. Some of them are hard though. Do you think like a Dad?
  • Easyunlocked – Any puzzles you find at this level are simple. Most people will be able to solve these with relative ease. If you have trouble though, you can ask for a Hint or help from a friend.
  • Intermediateunlocked – As the name might suggest, these riddles are for people who have answered a few riddles before, and know how to solve them. They are not quite experts, so the riddles will not be too hard, but they will be a little challenging. Enter at your own risk!
  • AdvancedLOCKED – Eyezak’s time is precious. He does not like wasting it on humans with puny brains! He only allows access to these riddles to humans who have run the gauntlet of easy and intermediate riddles. If you have what it takes, and work hard in our Riddle App, he might ask you these much harder riddles!
  • GeniusLOCKED – This is a special classification of puzzle, and only the absolute smartest humans are given access to them! You must show you can solve the Advanced ones before Eyezak will even try to give you some of these insane riddles! Not many people will be able to answer these, so tread lightly!

Do you have what it takes to reach the higher levels of our Riddle App? Can you show Eyezak that you know your stuff and that you are in fact NOT a “puny human?” Are you smarter than 99% of humans out there? Try to beat him on Genius! Even with our help, we bet you cannot do it! Download Riddle Robot Eyezak now, on your phone’s app store!