Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy applies to both the Riddle Robot website and the Riddle Robot app (“Services”). Eyezak is the primary character of both Services (“He”), Please note that while we follow the policy outlined below, we do partner with several Third-Party Services (“3PS”) (outlined later) who may or may not follow the same or similar rules. As such, we do take responsibility for how we collect, store, and share your data; however, we do not take responsibility for how these services collect, store, or share your data. Below describes all details about the data that we collect.

Privacy is critical to all data! We keep it all private!

What information we collect

Our Services make use of several pieces of information about you, to improve and personalize your experience. Much of this information is anonymized and used only for the purpose of understanding how “users” use our Services. There are some informations that we collect that are personally identifiable to you, like your email address on our home page. These informations however are:

  1. not gathered without your explicit consent
  2. used only within the context of our Services
  3. secured using established technologies

Anonymized data we collect about you includes:

  • how you reached our Services
  • how you used our Services, including:
    • screens you visited
    • puzzles you solved
    • time you spent
    • errors you encountered
    • in-service currencies transactions that we conducted
    • actions you took on a given screen
    • in-service settings you have adjusted
  • information about the type of device you are using

Non-anonymized data we collect includes:

  • any unique ids you shared with us through the use of:
    • any of our partner services (login, advertising, leaderboards, etc…)
    • any app store services
  • any email address you have explicitly given us
  • information about your contacts, if you give us permission
  • your individual settings and progress within our Services
  • a connection between you and those who you invited to use our Services

How do we use the information we collect

All Anonymized data we collect is used to establish generalized user behavior within our Services. The analysis of this information is strictly used to improve the Services themselves in areas such as:

  • usability
  • accessibility
  • performance
  • crash recovery
  • bug identification
  • overall theming
  • overall interface improvements

None of the Anonymized data will be used to establish routine for Services we do not control. It is used solely for improving your experience as well as other users of our Services, current and future, so that as many other users as possible can enjoy using them.

All Non-Anonymized data that we collect is used for one of the following purposes:

  • remember who you are for subsequent usages of our Services
  • remember your progress within the context of our Services
  • how much in-service currency you possess
  • who you invited to use our services and the associated rewards of that transaction
  • what purchases you made inside our services

Privacy Security

Regardless of whether the information we collect is Anonymized or Non-Anonymized, your privacy is of the utmost importance, it is critical to us that all information is secure. All our communications with our data sources are encrypted. All data in our data sources are protected by encryption. We make use of established technologies that other similar Services already make use of. These technologies include:

Within the context of our Services, we secure your data that we are given permission to and provided by these 3PS providers, using legally reasonable methods of digital protection. Your information is important, and so is ours. It is all protected equally.

Who do we share that information with

The information we collect is not currently explicitly shared with any service partner. We use this information for the sole purpose of improving and maintaining your experience. Your information is never sold and never distributed outside of the context of our Services. On occasion, we may use your data to inform you about new Services we may provide to you. We do this on our own and without explicitly sharing your personal information with any 3PS to do so.

We do use a few 3PS that also collect information about you. These services have their own Privacy Policies. We are not liable for any data they collect, nor how they use that data. These services include:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Firebase
  • Google Admob
  • Facebook login
  • Google login
  • Apple login

Each of these services maintain their own mechanisms to protect your data and your privacy. They are wholly responsible for all datas they collect. They are also all COPPA compliant, and only collect information about our underage users via their own services, not our services. They all maintain and adhere to the policies required by laws dealing with GDPR and COPPA.

Additional Terms of Use

In addition to your privacy, we ask that you follow some rules when talking about our brand. Below are a few things to consider when referring to our brand. Please follow them so that we can all stay on the same page about what we are referring to in conversation.


“Eyezak, the Puzzle Master”, or simply “Eyezak”, is the primary and only character in the Riddle Robot series. He is a unique character that is representative of only our brand. His eyes are typically bright blue, but can be various other colors. His teeth are complete white squares that occasionally move up and down as he talks.

Under some circumstances, we may refer to him as the “Riddle Robot,” because he is not only the mascot for our brand, our brand is centered around him completely. It is most appropriate to qualify “Eyezak” with either a prefix of “Riddle Robot” or a suffix of “Riddle Robot.” Here are a few correct examples:

  • Eyezak, the Puzzle Master
  • Eyezak the Puzzle Master
  • Eyezak the Riddle Robot
  • Riddle Robot Eyezak
  • Puzzle Master Eyezak
  • Riddle Robot Puzzle Master Eyezak
  • Eyezak

Riddle Robot

“Riddle Robot” is the name of our brand. It should be used as two words, not one word. Both words should be capitalized. Also our brand is not interchangeable with our brand’s mascot. They are separate, but related entities, not the same entity. As written above, you can group them together when attempting to refer to Eyezak. If you are not referring to Eyezak, these are the most appropriate ways to refer to our brand only:

  • Riddle Robot
  • Riddle Robot App
  • RdyGo’s Riddle Robot
  • the Riddle Robot
  • the Riddle Robot App
  • the Riddle Robot Android App
  • the Riddle Robot iOS App