Our Riddle Robot App blog. This pic is of a bunch of letter blocks.


Our Riddle Robot Blog gives you details about our daily Riddles, to help you beat Eyezak. Each post may include the riddle, the answer to the riddle, an explanation of why the answer is what it is, and a little background or historical information related to each riddle. Occasionally, we may also include some behind the scenes looks into what it took to make Riddle Robot, or updates about what the app has to offer. Find a post below, and start reading! Also checkout the home page to signup for updates! Find us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Blog Posts:

Riddle: I am grey or green and not from around here. I’m rarely seen and my beam will elevate you free and clear.

Our Riddle is about colors. The picture is of 6 different colored easter eggs.

A Riddle about color is fun. There is so much vibrant color in our lives in general, and focusing a riddle on some of those colors, makes it challenging, since the possibilities could be endless. Did you figure out the answer already? Read inside to make sure you got it correct!

Riddle: You can’t live without doing this, and we all do it at the same time. Yet many wish it wasn’t happening. What is it?

Riddle Robot Eyezak asked about something we all do. This is a picture of a group of people talking at a table.

In our daily lives, most Humans do several things, many of which are shared by everyone. This must be one that we all have to do, or we die. It also needs to be something that we all do at the same pace, and that most of us wish we didn’t do. Know the answer? Check inside!