Riddle: What is easy to get into but hard to get out of?




It is fascinating how we use the English language to describe circumstances and objects, and even more fascinating that we have multiple different ways to describe everything, or even multiple meanings for even an individual word. No wonder it makes a good language to create these misleading type riddles in. They exploit this apparent ambiguity to confuse and misdirect, and that my friend makes for a good riddle, especially for the Riddle Robot Eyezak, the Puzzle Master app.

Possible Answers

Let us take a look at this riddle and explore what possible answers we could give to the Riddle Robot Eyezak, in the app, as our response. Like with many of our previous explanations, we will start by listing several things that could satisfy the first part of the riddle. We will go through the list one item at a time, and hopefully narrow that list down to a smaller list, preferably a single item, which satisfies both quandaries without compromise. First, our broad list:

  • bank vaults
  • any vehicle
  • a pair of pants
  • computer systems
  • containers
  • trouble

Bank Vaults

One direction your mind may be going, is that the thing you get into might be so secure that it will be too difficult to get out of. What is more secure than a Bank Vault!? Not much. Bank Vaults can be easy to get into, as long as you have the proper set of keys, be it actual physical keys, a passcode, or a series of digital and biometric signatures. There are other ways to get into a Bank Vault, but they are mostly difficult to accomplish. The only easy way is with the keys.

Is it hard to get out of though? Well, if you are robbing a bank, meaning you do not have the keys (most of the time), then there is a good chance that any safety mechanisms, that are designed to keep you inside in case of robbery, will be triggered. Because of this, you probably have no time constraints, meaning you can think clearly and easily without making mistakes.

Because you have the clarity of mind and no pressure of time, you probably will take extra precautions to make sure the door does not close and lock behind you. In fact, you probably prop it open while you are inside. In addition, if you do get locked in because of a mistake, you are likely a bank employee with colleagues who can easily open the door from the outside.

So because of this, unless you are robbing the bank, you are going to have an easy time escaping the vault. Given that, it is safe to say that Eyezak the Riddle Robot, and his app, is not looking for this to be the answer. He knows that most of his challengers are not crazy enough to try to rob a bank vault, and that even if they were, they would be smart enough to have an easy exit plan.

Any Vehicle

Vehicles get you around significantly faster than the alternative: walking. Many, if not most, humans rely heavily upon vehicles to help them through their normal everyday lives. Vehicles allow you to get things done faster, so that you have more you-time. They are easy to use with the proper training, and most importantly for this riddle, they are easy to get into. This puts them in position to be a contender for being the answer for Eyezak.

The question is, once you are inside the vehicle, is it easy or hard to get back out of it? Under normal human conditions, the answer is probably “easy to get out of.” There are however a few interesting exceptions to this rule. We will highlight them now.

You could be physically disabled or impeded in some way. For instance, you may have a condition that prevents full command over your legs. Or you may have broken a weight bearing arm recently. Or you may have put on a few extra pounds over the holidays. While for those who suffer from these types of physical challenges can find it difficult to get out of a vehicle, this is not an overall theme that applies to the majority of Humans.

You could also be imprisoned in the back of a Police car, if you recently committed a crime worthy of your arrest and detainment. If you find yourself in that situation, firstly you have my condolences for getting caught. Secondly, you are probably handcuffed at least behind your back, but possibly to the inside of the vehicle itself. In this situation, you will definitely find it difficult to evacuate the vehicle.

Eyezak the Riddle Robot asks his questions, through his app, as a general question to the majority of humans, under the normal day to day circumstances that affect them. Most Humans can open a door from the inside of a vehicle, are not physically challenged in a way that prevents them from doing so, and are not restrained to the inside of the vehicle on their way to incarceration. Because of that, this is probably not the answer, so let us move on.

A Pair of Pants

Many Humans wear pants. Not all Humans, but most have at least tried on pants at least one time in their life. Pants are pretty simple to operate thankfully. All you have to do is stand (or lay down), put one leg into the pants and pull that pant leg up your leg a bit. This allows for extra leeway when performing step two: putting on the other pant leg over your other leg. Once both pant legs are on, you pull them up to your waist and fasten them.

Of course there are exceptions to this obviously easy task. For instance, you could be trying to squeeze into “skinny jeans,” the ugliest most recent fad from the last 10 years. Why you want to suffer all day is a mystery, but many, many people are doing this these days. Or you may have gained that holiday weight recently, from your mom’s excellent Turkey or Ham 17 course family meal. In those cases, the pants will be hard to put on. Generally though, it is an easy concept.

As a rule of thumb, pants are a pretty easy to get out of though. They are again pretty simple in this respect. All you have to do is unfasten them at the waist. Then push them down to the ground while you are standing up and step out of them. Eyezak the Riddle Robot knows that most people are familiar with this pants-concept by now. Because of that, his riddle must have a more complicated answer than this. Time for another possible answer.

Computer Systems

Now-a-days computers run everything. They control almost every aspect of our daily lives from as simple as showing your facebook status to all your friends when they first login, to complex economic structures that keep our growing economies on a positive uptick. Every day, as a normal Human, you probably interact with at least a few dozen computers, sometimes without even knowing it!

Anything you can use without knowing you are using it MUST be easy to use or get into. It has to be seemlessly integrated into your daily life for it to go completely unnoticed. Knowing this, we can be certain that it satisfies the first part of Riddle Robot Eyezak’s question. Does it satisfy the second part though?

Simply put, “No.” Your interaction with almost every computer you interface with on a daily basis can be terminated by one of two simple actions. First, you could simply stop using the computer. I know that sounds scary, but simply putting down that phone can be an easy way to “get out of” using it. Secondly, you could also simply shut it off. Turn off your MacBook Pro and voila, you are “out of” that computer. So no, this is again not the answer. What’s next?


Would a container satisfy both parts of the Riddle Robot Eyezak’s quandary? Let’s see. Containers can be easy to get into, though not always. For instance, a toy box without a latch on it would be pretty easy to get into; however, a safe built into a wall in someone’s office may not be since you might not know the code. Things are already looking bad for this possible answer.

What about getting out of the container. Well again it depends, with no clear, leading, everyday example pulling through. You could probably easily get out of a toy box, assuming it was large enough for you to get into in the first place, but you would definitely find it hard to get out of a jail cell, which is another type of container.

It seems like containers are too broad of an answer here. There are way too many classifications of container to really focus on a single one, or say that one is used more than another. Because of this there are a lot of unstable variables. Eyezak the Riddle Robot is aware of this much uncertainty, thus he probably does not expect that this will be the answer you provide. Only one more shot here, which is hopefully the solution.


This is a weird spin on the wording of Eyezak’s question, but it does work. Trouble is indeed easy to get into, for one simple fact: as a Human you do not know every thing there is to know, so you can easily misstep and cause a ruckus without even intending to do so. One great example of this is breaking the law. There are so many laws out there, many of which are not common knowledge, and you could be breaking them daily without even realizing it.

For instance, in Kentucky, it is literally illegal to wall around with an icecream cone in your back pocket. Who knows that is an actual law on the books that people can be arrested for? Nobody. How many people have done it in the past decade? At least one (me). So it is easy to get into trouble for sure, even without knowing you could get in trouble.

What about getting out of trouble? Is that easy? Not usually! For instance, in the example described above, with the icecream, it may seem like it is an arbitrary rule that you can just call “bullshit” on, but in reality, it is an actual law. You broke it. You admitted you broken it, or there is overwhelming proof that you did. Even if you try to back-peddle or make an excuse, at the end of the day, you broke the law. You now have to higher a lawyer, and nothing that comes next is easy.

How about when you accidentally spill a friend’s secret to everyone at a party, because you got overly drunk and have lost control over your actions? You easily got in this situation because you simply blurted out a secret, but now you are in big trouble because your friend’s secret is now public knowledge, which can cause you to at least stop being friends! Once that secret is out, you cannot un-say it. Even an apology is often not enough. You are in big trouble, with no clear exit.

Eyezak the Riddle Robot, and his app, knows that trouble is easy for Humans to get into. He also knows that because other Humans can be unbending or unforgiving, the idea of getting back out of trouble is a grim prospect. Eyezak knows all these things because he is a highly intelligent robot. He loves challenging Humans with riddles of their own design. Fortunately, we now know that “trouble” is a valid answer to his crazy question.


A security guard, trying to track down the answer to this riddle: trouble!

Trouble has been a thing since the beginning of time. You can research and find a number of stories about people causing trouble, as far back as Ancient Egypt! But not even just people causing trouble. You can find trouble in many forms, like economic struggles or natural weather problems. These things have extremely long histories.

Even in modern history we have a whole field of study dedicated to the analysis and interpretation of a plethora of trouble. Lawyers and Legal Aids study law in an effort to understand and defend their interpretation of its meaning (mostly). They spend years and money researching past troubles, and then they help honest people like you stay out of trouble.

You might be in trouble if you are using our app and Eyezak the Riddle Robot asks you a question and you do not know the answer and do not have enough coins to get a hint. You may have to ask a friend, or find a way to get more coins so you can get more hints.

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