Riddle: What has a mouth but cannot chew?




The Riddle Robot app poses a bunch of riddles to us, and some of them are quite difficult to solve. That being said, Eyezak knows that this one is an easier one to solve. There are only a handful of things that have a mouth, and figuring out which one is the proper answer is not that difficult to do in this case. Below we will first list several things that have mouths. Then we will run through each item on the list, and determine if this item could solve the riddle.

  • people
  • dogs
  • Venus flytrap
  • rivers


Most people of the world are born with a mouth, thus in the context of Riddle Robot app and Eyezak’s question, we assume that this means all people are. As Humans, our mouths serve several purposes, and chief among them is the ability to allow us to consume sustenance. Without a mouth, the only other way we can really receive nutrients into our body, is intravenously. Our mouth also provides most Humans with their primary method of communication.

Because of these two things at least, mouths are essential in everyday Human life, and without them we would be lost. Beyond these two things though, mouths enable us many ways to express ourselves, both in the physical touch our mouths can perform and in the various gestures that are possible from these versatile holes in our heads. We can show affection, happiness, anger, sadness, seductiveness, contempt, and any number of other common emotions, just by using gestures from our mouths.

Unfortunately, because the Human mouth is so versatile, it has enough flexibility that it could be used to chew. In fact, a primary function of the mouth is to chew our food and pre-process it to start the digestion procedure, so that we may gain benefit from all the nutrients it provides. The Riddle Robot Eyezak app knows this is the case, and therefore would not select this to be the answer. He knows that while Humans have those puny brains, they do have big, functional mouths. Moving on…


Dogs are another type of animal (because technically Humans are animals) that has a mouth and thus could be the answer to this riddle. In fact, this can pretty much be said about all animals, at leas the ones we know about on Earth, and the Riddle Robot Eyezak app knows this. Like Humans, animals such as dogs use their mouths for various things. One primary action is eating. Another is communication with others of their kind as well as entities from other groups of animals.

Dogs specifically though additionally use their mouths as their primary tool for physically interacting with the world around them. Any dog trainer will tell you, and Riddle Robot if needed, that dogs view their own mouths as a hand that they can use to pick stuff up, or grab stuff with. It is like an extra appendage to them. Without the use of their mouth to play with items in the world, dogs feel helpless and depressed. It is an absolute must for their survival.

Just like in Human mouths, the uses for a dog’s mouth are so vast that it does inevitably include the act of chewing, specifically for food consumption. Much like Humans, the mouth is the first step in the digestion process. This step is important because it breaks the food down into smaller pieces and coats them in an enzyme that further breaks down those pieces into the nutrients they contain plus a bit of waste. Because of this, we will assume it is not the answer that the Riddle Robot app is looking for either.

Venus Flytrap

These creature-plants are one of the most unique on the planet Earth, because while they are actually only a plant, they exhibit a quality that usually reserved for predatory animals: consumption of meat. They are one of the only carnivorous plants in the world! Typically they eat only insects, arthropods, and protozoans. These entities provide the plants with the nutrients that they require in order to live. Riddle Robot Eyezak would be interested in them because of their uniqueness.

Their mouths are not as versatile as Humans or dogs or any actual animal though. Strictly speaking in fact it is not really a mouth, but instead a mouth-like structure. It has a vast opening that bugs and animals land upon. This opening is covered in “trigger hairs” that signal the trap to snap shut, enclosing the entities inside. Then the plant digests them. So, in effect, the plant actually does chew them, in its own way, and thus would not fit the template of Eyezak’s riddle. Let us look a bit further.


Thinking laterally now, there exist other things on Earth that have a mechanism that is referred to as a mouth, but does not serve the same function as a traditional mouth. The Riddle Robot app hopes that you will not find those items, like Rivers, in hopes that they can stump you. But here we are talking about them, and thus, hopefully, defeating the Riddle Robot.

Rivers are said to have mouths. The area of a river where it dumps its water into a larger body of water, be it another river, a lake, an ocean, or whatever, is referred to as the “river mouth.” This is a physical, but stationary section of land that allows the combining of the bodies of water. Its only real purpose is this combination, as rivers do not need to eat (food at least), they do not need to speak (at least in words), and they do not need to interact with objects.

Riddle Robot knows that because these mouths are stationary and because they have a singular function of dumping water into more water, that they are the ideal answer to this riddle. The app wants you to overlook the key detail here, which is that we call this structure a mouth, even though it is not really a traditional mouth. It tries to misdirect you because you are Human, and think about things that Humans are most closely related to: their body. Good job for thinking laterally and figuring it out!

Other Valid Answers

Unfortunately though, there are other answers that could satisfy the riddle question without breaking any of the rules that the Riddle Robot Eyezak and his app has set. Can you think of other things that have a mouth, but do not have the ability to chew? How about some of these:

  • a digital mouth like in the Riddle Robot app
  • a bottle of soda
  • a jar of peanut butter
  • a water hose
  • a gas tank

Any of these things could be normal, valid answers to this riddle if it were just posed to you verbally without any restrictions; however, if you have played the “Riddle Robot Eyezak, the Puzzle Master Word Game” app, you know that you are only given a limited pool of possible letters, and a number of blank spaces to fill. In the case of the app, the answer is labeled as having 5 letters. Of the possible answers above, the only 5-letter word is “river.” We hope this clarifies why river is correct.


A River is the answer to Riddle Robot's question about mouths.

Rivers carry water, usually fresh water, from one location to another, usually into a larger body of water, like a lake, sea, larger river or ocean. Rivers come in varying sizes and can be found all around the world, each size of river having a unique name in regards to its size and features. The source of the water could be snow that has melted on a mountain, or precipitation that has gathered in a basin or from ground run-off, or it could be a ice or snow cap melting from global warming.

Either way, rivers exist, and typically carry fresh water. Because of this, Humans historically have had the tendency to build their civilized structures, like cities, either on, around, or near these fresh water lines. Humans not only require the water itself to survive, but also the other resources that can be found in rivers. Riddle Robot Eyezak and his app do not consume any of these resources, but their creators do, and in vast quantity.

From a river, any Human, including the creators of Riddle Robot, can find: the fresh water they require for hydration, food to sustain them for a day in the form of fish, transportation via boats on these natural roads, borders and natural defenses from our neighbors and enemies, a place to bathe when we need cleaning, and any number of other essential aspects of daily Human life. Rivers are one of the most important features of the world to Humans, even though they only represent about 0.1% of the Earth.

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