Riddle: Different lights do make me strange, thus into different sizes I will change.




Unlike the other Riddle App riddles we have discussed here, this one is a bit more abstract and harder to understand. Eyezak used some weird diction here is less direct and requires you to think a bit closer about what it is actually saying before you can even think about how to answer it. First we will break it down into a clearer question. Then we will try a few possible solutions. Finally we will explore why the answer is what it is.


Firstly, the wording of the initial part of the question is “Different lights do make me strange…” which is not very clear. Strange could mean any number of things, and Eyezak probably knows that. It could mean that the object looks different in each type of light it encounters. Or how about the object is a person, and when they are in different lights, they become creepy and un-relatable. Maybe it means that in different light, the thing becomes a different thing.

If we consider the second part of the riddle “…into different sizes I will change” from the Riddle App, then perhaps this is what is meant by the first part, and this is just a reiteration and clarification. After all, the word “strange” itself is a bit ambiguous, or at least kind of means ambiguous itself. Lets look at some definitions:

  1. unusual or surprising in a way that is unsettling or hard to understand.
  2. not previously visited, seen, or encountered; unfamiliar or alien.

So, both definitions basically say that “strange” actually means something awkward or something so foreign that we cannot possible relate to it. Our Riddle App and Eyezak has really put one over on us. Maybe we will have a little better luck with understanding that second part.

“Into different sizes, I will change.” That is a little weird on the wording side of things, but other than that, it seems pretty clear. The object physically changes size when it is affected by the light mentioned in the first part of the riddle. We could rephrase this to something like “I change size when I see the lights.” That is pretty clear and direct, and might help us answer the Riddle App’s question posed by Eyezak.

Let us see if we can make some sense of the whole question, by rewording it a little now. Maybe this one “I become unusual, surprising, and maybe a little foreign in a way that is hard to understand when I see different types of light. Also I change size when I see the lights.” This seems a bit more direct. We can probably work with this now.


Now that we have a little more information, we can try to break this thing down a little further, so we can maybe provide the Riddle App with an answer, first by trying to generate a list of things that satisfy the first statement. Then after we have that list, we can run through it item by item and eliminate the ones that are unlikely to be the answer, hopefully leaving us with a single response that we can provide to the Riddle App. Here are some things that are strange in light (by way of some sort of change or irregularity):

  • plants change in the light
  • my field of view changes in the light
  • colors change in the light
  • the brightness of my phone changes when it is brighter outside
  • my eyes change in the light


The first part of the riddle we got from Eyezak in our Riddle App is about something reacting to light in an unusual or surprising way. Plants react to light. As Humans we have observed that plants can do many things that are otherwise considered unusual in the presence of light.

For instance, we know for sure that plants require light in order to grow, albeit slowly, sometimes taking months to see any appreciable change. Plants use the light in a process called Photosynthesis which helps them produce plant food from water in the soil and carbon dioxide in the air. Without light, plants die from starvation, even if otherwise “fed” other material to keep it living.

The Riddle App also knows that plants not only grow in light but that they actually “reach” for light in a way that is strange. Humans have muscles, and largely that is what allows us to move. Plants on the other hand do not have muscles, so it is strange that they can move so much towards a light source without the appropriate physical structure to do so. Checkout this cool video showing exactly that effect.

But from the context of this Riddle App and Eyezak, this is probably not the answer. The reason is because while a plant does change size, it does so at such a slow pace, that we have to use a time-lapse to even see it happening. Our Riddle App knows this and is probably banking on the fact that we recognize it changes too slowly to be viable as an answer. Let us do the next one.

Field of View

Okay, so it is true that when there is more light, most people can see much better. In other words, their field of view has been increased when there is more light available. That is actually where the anecdote “let us spread some light on the subject” comes from. More light means more visibility. Therefore, we can say, that in a way, the size of the field of view has increased.

The problem with this answer is that this increase is not unusual or surprising. Every Human knows that when there is more light, they can see more clearly at least, and probably much much further than before. The Riddle App and Eyezak always ask us questions from a Human point of view. They want us to think through the answer from our perspective and come up with an answer that is meaningful to us as Humans. Even though the Riddle App and Eyezak are not Human, they want us to be for sure. Next…


It is a known, verifiable fact, that colors change when exposed to different types of light. You might see a super bright yellow in sunlight, but in black light it shows up as pink! This is because, technically speaking, color is a product of light bouncing off of a surface. The surface refracts the light into a different wavelength before it sends it back off in another direction. So in essence, color is any kind of light just going through a filter, like a colored lens.

This is sometimes unexpected and and surprising, and at times a bit unusual! Who knew that pink could actually be yellow?! Now that we have established that it does act strange in light, we should talk about it possibly changing sizes too. Does a color change size in light?

Well technically no, though something does change in size. When it comes down to it, light is nothing but a wave. Waves are perceived in different ways, be it sound, vibration, or visible light. Waves change when reflected and refracted. Usually this results in a change in size or intensity. In this case, the light wave changes amplitude (wave size) which results in a change in color. So yes the wave changes size, but no the color does not. What is next?


One thing we noticed is that all modern phones, including mine, have a setting that allows the screen to automatically adjust the brightness depending on the ambient light. When we are playing and testing our Riddle App, sometimes Eyezak goes dim and we have to get into more light to correct it. They accomplish this magic by using the camera to determine the amount of ambient light that is visible in the area you are in, and then using a simple system adjustment to change the intensity of the light.

You might notice that the Riddle App stays lite up while you are using it, but if you are in some shade, it may seem like it dims itself. Actually, this is not the Riddle App itself. This is the phone auto adjusting to the light around you. Our Riddle App tries to keep itself at the same brightness of the other apps on your phone.

But our Riddle App and Eyezak asked specifically about it changing size too. We have observed, while testing our Riddle App, that the size does not change at all. It stays the same size as before, the only difference being its brightness and visual clarity. At no point does the light cause the elements on the phone to change size, though we are 100% sure that there is an app out there for that. LOL. Okay. Moving on now.


Our Riddle App asked one about eyes and pupils. This is an image about both.

Riddle Robot Eyezak in our Riddle App ask you what changes in light in a weird way, and also changes size in the light. We have talked about several options so far, but eyes have not been discussed yet. Our Human eyes do change in different lights. They change in multiple ways that we can discuss, and part of the eye itself does in fact change in size, strangely, when in light.

Eyes have multiple parts; however, the basic parts of the eye are these: lid, lashes, vitreous, iris, and pupil. There are a ton of other parts, but when normal Humans talk about the eye, they are referring to these parts. Each of these things change in the presence of light, in their own way. Technically we as Humans control most of them, but none-the-less, they do change.

The lids are designed to protect the eye from various things. They protect eyes from debris that might fall into them, from wind that might blow into them and dry them out, from light that might strain or damage the eye, or from graphic images that make us cringe. They do open and shut, and move up and down. What they do not do is change in size.

The lashes are an additional protector of the inner eye. Acting like little hands, they swat away and catch any debris that might try to drip or splash into your eye. They also gather and hold any goop that might come out of your eye, like that “matter” stuff you have in the corner of your eye when you wake up from a nap. While your eye lashes do grow over the course of your life, their growth, like the plant’s growth, is far too slow to matter to our Riddle App or Eyezak.

Your vitreous is that white part of your eye that is squishy and veiny. This part has a few functions, but its chief function is to help maintain the eye’s spherical shape, such that you can keep it in your head. The shape is held in place by the rim of the eye socket, so it is crucial that the eye stay completely spherical and inside the socket. This, like the other parts mentioned, does not actually change in size though, at least in light, or even of its own volition. Thus it is not the answer to our Riddle App.

Your iris is the colored part of the eye, which not only makes your eye unique when compared to other Humans, it is also the part that actually changes the size of the hole that lets light into the eye. It is the very thing that performs the act of changing size while the light hits the sensitive parts of the eye. The issue is that the iris itself does not actually change size. It changes the size of the remaining part of the eye we will talk about: the pupil. That will be the answer in the Riddle App.

Your pupil is the actual opening that the iris controls. Its chief purpose is to allow more or less light to enter the eye and connect with the more sensitive parts of the eye, like the retina. Our Riddle App and Eyezak are expecting this as the answer, because this hole does actually change size, and in an unexpected way.

First, the pupil is an organic hole that changes size. Even more strangely is that it does not change its own size, but instead its size is dictated by the iris. Also, a whole that grows and contracts seemly randomly is a strange thing indeed. Hopefully you can see (LOL) why this is the answer now. If not, please leave a comment.

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