Riddle: What word contains all 26 letter?




Do you know any 26 letter words? Neither do we! Yet we all know a word that contains all 26 letters! This Conundrum is about that word. It forces you to think of a word that you know that contains all the letters of English.

You probably know the famous sentence that uses every English letter: “The quick brown fox, jumped over the lazy dog!” This one sentence makes brilliant usage of every letter we have in English. Unfortunately, we cannot use this entire sentence to solve this Conundrum, because Eyezak the Riddle Robot specifically says it must be a single word. Now we have to think a bit harder to come up with the correct answer.

Here are some possible answer, most of which contain 26 letters:

  • pneumoencephalographically
  • radioimmunoelectrophoresis
  • electronystagmographically
  • alphabet


This is a really, really long English word, and is 26 letters, so it might be the solution for our Conundrum. Technically though, it is the name of a medical procedure developed by Walter Dandy in 1919. This procedure has been made obsolete by much more modern procedures that carry out the same function, but in its day, it was the single most important procedure for localizing lesions on on the brain.

Dandy developed this procedure to help with brain lesions. The actual procedure requires that a hole be made via a lumbar puncture into the brain. Then through that hole, cerebrospinal fluid gets drained and replaced with air. This allows the brain to appear more defined on an Xray, making the lesions more visible. It was a very interesting and inventive method he developed, but it definitely had some lasting side-effects that made the procedure sometimes not worth it.

The question is, even though we know it has 26 letters, does it actually contain ALL 26 letters in it? The answer is no. It is missing the following letters, which make it not possible to be the answer to this Conundrum: B, D, F, J, K, Q, S, T, V, W, X, & Z. That is nearly half the letters it needs to be the answer. Tell Eyezak the Riddle Robot that we ruled that one out!


Our Conundrum is about a word that has all 26 letters, so lets try another 26 letter word! This one is also super long! Likewise, it is also medical word. More specifically, it is an archetype of Immunoelectrophoresis, which the different substances that have been separated are identified using radioactivity! What? Let me explain a littler further.

You might be asking yourself, what is an Immunoelectrophoresis, and how does that even relate to anything. So were we! After looking up a long series of terms, the gist is this. Immunoelectrophoresis is basically the separation of Proteins from a liquid serum, that is performed by using an electrical charge through a gel like substance. Once that process is completed we then identify the parts we separated into. The “radio” variety simply uses radioactivity measurements to identify the pieces.

Our conundrum says that the word should contain all 26 letters though. Does it contain ALL 26 letters? No. The missing letters that prevent this from solving the Conundrum are: B, F, G, J, K, Q, U, V, W, X, Y, & Z. This is exactly the same number of missing letters as our previous word! Many of those letters are the same ones too! They must be hard to target in an English word! Our job just got harder. We should try one more, then start thinking laterally.


The Conundrum from Riddle Robot Eyezak states that the word must have all 26 letters. We have identified a few 26 letter words and tested whether they have all 26 letters or not. This one, like the others is exactly 26 letters long!. It is the name of a test that diagnosis a few eye-related medical conditions (surprise!). What exactly is it though?

Well Electronystagmographically is used to detect a few eye conditions like nystagmus or even diagnose other causes of conditions such as vertigo, dizziness, or balance dysfunction. It does this by measuring the involuntary movements that the eye performs when subjected to an electrode that is placed between the nose and the eye. Measurements are taken and collated in a complicated computer system, and then analyzed by a professional.

Our Conundrum requires all 26 letters though, before we can answer Eyezak the Riddle Robot! Does this word meet that qualification? Nope again! Yes this word has 26 letters, but it is missing a whole slue of letters also: B, D, F, J, K, Q, U, V, W, X, & Z. Again, exactly 12 letters are missing, and again mostly the same as the last two words! This is starting to be a pattern. We should think laterally.


This Conundrum is about the Alphabet. This picture shows all the letters of the English alphabet.

By now you have probably noticed that we are having absolutely no luck finding a 26 letter word that contains all 26 letters. We could certainly try to use longer words to find the correct answer, but it seems, at least statistically, that since we are missing almost half the letters in the alphabet, we would need at least a word that is double the length of our current longest word, for a total of 52 letters or more. It is unlikely our Conundrum is asking for a word this long.

If we think a little differently, maybe we can come up with the solution. Our conundrum does say it “contains all 26 letters” but it does not say that the word uses them. What other way can a word contain the letters that does not require the word to use all the letters? Perhaps the Conundrum and Riddle Robot Eyezak mean that the word describes something that does contain all the letters. What word actually contains all the letters, but does not use them?

The “alphabet” is what we call that collection of letters. It contains them all, but only uses a few of them. This has to be the answer. If you have questions, post them in the comments below!

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