Riddle: I am grey or green and not from around here. I’m rarely seen and my beam will elevate you free and clear.




This Riddle is cute because of how obvious the wording is. Yet still it can be a bit hard to understand, and even harder to produce a correct answer for Riddle Robot Eyezak. First we should break this down into known requirements for the answer. Here are the various requirements that we can glean from the riddle itself:

  • it must be green or grey
  • must be “not from around here”
  • it has to be seen rarely
  • and it should have a beam that can elevate

Right away, we can see at least one thing that should stand out as unusual. The last clue about the beam is not something you would think about in day to day life. Because of this, we should use that as the condition that we generate our first list off. Then, we will run through each item we listed and compare it to the other criteria to eliminate or exclude it! Here is our list:

  • smiles can be “beamed”
  • building have “steel” beams in them
  • lights cast beams on stuff
  • aliens have ships with beams


The English language is so funny sometimes. Who knew that a smile could beam at someone? It is actually a pretty common saying in America that a “smile beamed off the child’s face,” or something similar. Check out the definition. It is quite interesting.

Can a smile elevate you free and clear? Yes. It is a known fact that smiling is a contagious condition and that when everyone around you is smiling, you will probably smile, if for no other reason that to just fit in. Humans are funny like that.

What about the color of the smile? Do smiles have colors? Mostly no, but it is possible that Riddle Robot Eyezak is actually saying that the lips of the smile could be that color. Thus, let us assume that because lips can be green or grey (because of lipstick), that smiles can be green or grey when needed, like in the context of this conundrum.

Are smiles rarely seen? Meh. It probably depends on your group of friends and their general demeanor, but as a good rule of thumb, most Humans tend to try and smile at least some time during their day. It stands to reason then, that for most Humans, smiling is not rare, and in fact that it is a common everlasting goal. Since that is the case, we can rule out smiles as the answer. For good measure though, we will address the last requirement.

Are smiles from around here? Yes. We make them with our faces. Because they are part of our face, or at least an expression our face can make, they must be from around here.

So all in all, smiling is a great candidate, but ultimately it falls short by one requirement. It cannot match the requirement that it is “rarely seen,” because people are literally always doing it around the world. We should check some of the other possibilities so we can answer Riddle Robot Eyezak.

Steel Beams

Giant skyscraper buildings, at least in the modern era, are mostly made of steel beams, when you analyze the inter-workings of these construction marvels. Steel is one of the strongest building materials we know of a Humans, and because of brilliant ingenuity, we have grown quite adept at utilizing it to make our tallest structures, many of which are skyscraper buildings.

Do Steel Beams elevate you free and clear? No, the Riddle Robot Eyezak does not think so. The beams themselves do not actually move, or really even directly cause other things to move. To Elevate something means that you must move it vertically up in the air. Eyezak the Riddle Robot knows this. Because of that, Steel Beams do not meet that requirement either.

Can Steel Beams be green or grey? Yes! Steel is grey. It is not green, but it is a form of grey. Since that is the case, Eyezak the Riddle Robot is probably aware of it. We should just assume that he is counting on us knowing it, and check the next criteria!

Are steel beams rarely seen? Well, not really. During the construction of a skyscraper, the steel beams are seen literally at every moment while the working crew is piecing together the building. They are in direct line of sight, literally the entire time. Even after construction, while it is true that the average person does not see them, the maintenance staff does while they clean. Because of this, it is unlikely that Steel Beams are the correct answer. One more requirement to check though for completeness.

Are they from around here? Yes. Humans literally make Steel Beams. Because Humans make them, their origin is Earth, and therefore are from around here.

So for Steel Beams, we are two for two. They are in fact green OR grey, though only one of them. They are from around here, because we literally make them. However, steel beams are not “rarely seen” and they also do not “elevate you.” This means that Eyezak the Riddle Robot will not accept it as an answer. Next…


It is common knowledge that lights are referred to as casting a beam onto a surface. Our Riddle Robot Eyezak knows this for sure. Lights are beams, so it stands to reason that we can say that a light has a beam. What about the other conditions though?

Can a light be green or grey? Of course! Lights can be all colors. In fact, you can prove this by simply browsing the internet a little on your computer. The fact that your computer monitor can bounce light at you, which perceive to be green or grey, means that it is indeed possible for a light to be one, the other, or both.

Eyezak the Riddle Robot requires that the light also be rarely seen. Is that the case in normal life? No, not even in the context of this Riddle. Light is literally all around us, every day, even at night. We as Humans have solved the riddle of creating artificial light, so it is easy to see that it is practically always seen, instead of the opposite.

What about a light being from around here? Well, yeah, light is from around here. We as Humans literally construct items that produce light. That light travels in the direction that we instruct it to travel. We as Humans can setup that light and point it in a specific direction… Therefore it can be from around here!

Basically, light is a dead-end too. We match three out of four again, which means that Eyezak the Riddle Robot will not accept it as the answer to our Riddle. We only have one possible item on our list left. Let us check that one out next!


The answer to our Riddle is Alien. The image is of an alien in the corridor of their ship!

ALIENS! They are our scary interplanetary neighbors. You often hear stories of people being abducted from their homes or their cars, and returning after days of probing and such. One important fact though, in most stories about aliens, they do have “beam technology” which they use liberally to abduct Humans!

They also come in green and grey varieties! Almost all depictions of aliens in modern time are of short, small, green or grey men, with giant heads and big eyes!. They are honestly a little creepy. Despite that, we can say that they satisfy this part of the riddle.

Aliens are in fact “rarely seen” at least as far as publicized about sightings. To put it into perspective, in the United States of America, there are around 330 million people. Each year, at least recently, there has been around 3300 UFO sightings. That means that over the course of 365 days, only about 1 in 100,000 people see a UFO for a few seconds. That is super rare, and Eyezak the Riddle Robot agrees!

Finally, they are in fact not from around here. Actually, the word Alien actually means “foreigner,” which literally means that they are not from around here. That is a fact, plain and simple.

Because of Alien easily matches all four criteria, we can confirm that it is the answer. If you think that is wrong, or know something else that satisfies all parts of the Riddle, tell us in the comments below. Also if you need more information, please ask there too!

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