Riddle: They are the group who manages the winged engines of war.




WAR! WAR! What is it good for? Absolutely nothing! Riddle Robot Eyezak, from our new Riddle App, asked us a riddle specifically about War. War has been around since basically the dawn of time, at least as far as Human are concerned. It is the activity that allows Humans to test their skills against one another, with a reward system that has any number of possible results.

War can be a tool to gain your independence from an oppressor, one that has held you in some degraded position for far too long. Look at the United States of America, when it was trying to gain its independence from England. Riddle Robot Eyezak in our Riddle App knows that oppression drives Humans to do some crazy things, including fighting one another to gain control over their own lives. Even though our Riddle App does not currently educate, you can find out lots about this below.

War can be to gain more power over other Humans, either in the form of control, land, or natural resources. Even religion has been used as a reason for Humans to war amongst themselves in history. For instance, take a look at the Spanish Inquisition. The entire thing was about spreading the influence of Christianity to the Heathen followers of basically any other religion, and killing any opposing forces that stood in the way of that goal. Literally hundreds of thousands of people died for this cause (maybe more).

There have been instances of war that were purely for revenge, and sometimes not even revenge of the modern day. Eyezak the Riddle Robot, inside our new Riddle App, knows this. For instance, in the First World War, France, in a fit of revenge, reclaimed their once capital of Paris from the occupying German forces. It was a huge victory for the Allied powers, and an even bigger moral victory for all Frenchmen.

War is the scar that all Humans wear. It is one of the features of Humans that distinguishes them from the other animals in the animal kingdom. You would be hard pressed to find a single Human that has not had their lives touched by war in some way, and Riddle Robot Eyezak in our Riddle App knows that all too well. When he asks questions, he does so from the perspective of a Human, not that of a robot. He tries to ask questions to which we puny Humans might actually relate, and thus be able to answer.

So, knowing war is an important part of Human existence, it only stands to reason that Humans have groups of Humans dedicated to managing their various tools of war. Typically, this is handled by our branches of the military. In most 1st world countries, there are 3 branches of the military worth mentioning. Those branches are: the Army, the Navy, and the Airforce. Each of them have their own job, and one of them is the answer to our riddle from Riddle Robot Eyezak and our Riddle App!


Riddle Robot Eyezak, from our Riddle App, is well versed in most Human activity. Eyezak even knows the intricacies of war and mayhem, especially the activities and jobs by our appointed branches of the military. In the USA, our “land troops” are typically the Army. The army primarily fights on the ground, using “boots on the ground” to over throw opponents. Under most circumstances, these forces are also “armed” very well, which is where their name comes from.

Armies are typically broken down into Battalions, Brigades, Divisions, and Corps. Each of these has a specific size, and is commanded by progressively higher ranking officers. Eyezak the Riddle Robot already knows them, so they are embedded in our Riddle App, but here are some estimations in a normal army:

  • Battalion – usually between 500 and 750 soldiers grouped together into one unit. usually lead by a Colonel or Lieutenant Colonel. It is the smallest “large” unit of an army.
  • Brigade – most of these have 3 or more Battalions grouped into a single unit, which means at least 1500 soldiers, of often more. typically these are lead by a Brigadier, Brigadier General, or occasionally a well qualified Colonel
  • Division – these are much larger, containing at least 3 Brigades, and having soldiers with every skill that the military trains, usually numbering over 5,000 soldiers. these are lead by a Major General who has an extreme amount of tactical experience
  • Corps – this is a grouping of at least 2 Divisions, a massive number of soldiers, usually over 10,000. these units are run by exceptional leaders called Lieutenant Generals, and these folks are few and far between. you will be hard pressed to find someone with more war experience


Our Riddle Robot Eyezak understands that Human militaries are broken down into logical units, much like computer systems, and our Riddle App. Each part is good at one job, and asks for help with other tasks from its sibling parts. As such, Eyezak the Riddle Robot, from our Riddle App, is aware of another branch of the military called the Navy. They operate primarily on the water, and conduct all sorts of war duties while out there in the bearing sea.

Typically, the Navy commands a large fleet of sea faring vessels. In the USA, the navy not only controls the seas, but they also control the largest foreign intelligence gathering operations, which afford our country, and the other branches of the military, with vital information about our enemies tactics and positions. Our Riddle App and Riddle Robot is impressed by this.

Naval command organizational structure is a bit different. There are really only 3 levels of groupings that happen in a typical navy: Ship, Squadrons, and Fleets. Each of these can be controlled by any number of ranks within the Navy, and are based mostly on the number of ships that are in each unit.

Rankings on the other hand are more vast than depicted by the Army above. Each equivalent level has multiple rankings that fall at the same level, making it confusing at times to understand the structure. Riddle Robot Eyzak can probably keep track of it in his head, and it is probably inside our Riddle App, but here is a confusing list of ranks:

  • Midshipman / Ensign / Corvette Lieutenant
  • Sub Lieutenant / Lieutenant Junior Grade / Frigate Lieutenant
  • Lieutenant (Commonwealth & USA)/ Ship-of-the-Line Lieutenant / Captain Lieutenant
  • Lieutenant Commander (Commonwealth & USA)/ Corvette Captain
  • Commander (Commonwealth & USA)/ Frigate Captain
  • Captain (Commonwealth & USA)/ Ship-of-the-Line Captain
  • Commodore / Flotilla Admiral (in USA only: Rear Admiral (lower half))
  • Rear Admiral (in USA only: Rear Admiral (upper half))
  • Vice Admiral (Commonwealth & USA)
  • Admiral (Commonwealth & USA)
  • Admiral of the Fleet (Commonwealth) / Fleet Admiral (USA) / Grand Admiral

As you can see, almost every level has multiple titles that hold the same ranking. Riddle Robotm and our Riddle App, does not really care about this branch, at least for this specific question. We should check out the last one.


Riddle Robot want the answer to be airforce. This is a picture of a fighter plane from the airforce!

The Airforce in most militaries, typically dominate the air. They control the “winged engines of war,” and the “winged engines” are typically fighter planes and bombers. They maintain a large fleet of flying vehicles, by both upgrading and purchasing new ones, but also repairing old ones through general maintenance and innovation. Almost all battles conducted by the Airforce are done in the air, high above land and sea. Riddle Robot Eyezak would be impressed, because he cannot fly!

The Airforce has a unique way of breaking down their organization, and Eyezak the Riddle Robot, from our Riddle App, knows this. Each level has not only a personnel count requirement, but also an aircraft count requirement. Whats more, is that not every country follows the same structure, or even the same naming conventions. Some groupings are similar though. Check below for a list breakdown of the units that are in a typical Airforce:

  • Detail – typically 2-4 people but no aircrafts. usually lead by a Junior NCO
  • Element/Section – usually 5-20 people, still no aircrafts though. most of the time they are lead by a Junior Officer or sometimes a Senior NCO
  • Flight – this is where it gets interesting. at this leaver you have 20-100 people, and 4-6 aircrafts! these can be lead by a Squadron Leader, Captain, or Flight Lieutenant
  • Squadron – this is typically between 3 and 4 Flights, having like 100-300 people and 10-15 aircrafts. it is usually run by Colonel, Lieutenant Colonel, Wing Commander, Major, or Squadron Leader
  • Group/Wing/Station – this is where it gets big, requiring between 300 and 1,000 people and 20-50 aircrafts. they are always run by Colonels, Group Captains or Wing Commanders who have a heavy amount of tactical experience

Above these few standard groupings, it is a bit more hairy. It depends on the source country and their personal preference, but any one person, other than the head of the military branch, and typically command up to 1,000s of people and low 1,000s of aircrafts. Do your own research, and I am sure you will find more information you can use later to battle with our Riddle App and Riddle Robot Eyezak. Remember the more knowledge you have, the easier it will be to beat him!

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