Riddle: Almost everyone needs it, asks for it, gives it. But almost nobody takes it.




Riddle Robot Eyezak, from our Riddle App, is always asking silly, complicated, intriguing questions, that are sometimes easy, but also sometimes hard, to answer. Below we will explore this new question. We should start by thinking of something that everyone will typically need, ask for, or even give. After we have a list, we will try to debunk as many as we can, so that we are left only with the correct answer.

  • money
  • friendship
  • attention
  • opinion
  • advice


Riddle Robot Eyezak knows that people use money, like when they need food or clothes, or when they partake in entertainment, or maybe they need more coins in his Riddle App. Basically, we have just proven that people, all people, need money. It is not something that makes you happy, that is true; however, it is a proven fact that money can buy you things that can make you happy, or that you can use to make you happy. Everyone needs it, poor or rich, smart or dumb, big or small.

Many people ask for money, in their own way at least, and Riddle Robot Eyezak knows that. Our Riddle App helps him be aware of the fact that because most Humans need it, they ask for it all the time. If you are very poor, you may be asking people for money as they pass you on the street. If you are rich, you might be asking people to give you money to continue using a valuable service you provide to them. If you are middle income, you might ask your boss for your paycheck, or a raise, so you can pay rent.

So you need money and ask for it. Do you give it, which is part #3 of Riddle Robot Eyezak’s question, from our Riddle App? YES! The only reason to need or ask for money is so that you can give it away. You give money to the gas station so you can fuel your car. Grocery stores require that you give them some money for food. Riddle Robot Eyezak knows you have to pay your rent or mortgage which requires you give money. All of these things mean you need, ask for, and give it.

BUT! Would you take money? What about your friends? What about anyone you know? Yes! You would. Because everyone needs it, asks for it, and gives it, everyone also takes it. Knowing those things, we can rule this out as the answer to Riddle Robot Eyezak’s riddle, and skip the part where we try it in our Riddle App. Moving on, what about Friendship?


Most Humans have friends. One could argue that as a Human you actually need friends too. Without friends, you would need to be good at literally everything, a feat that most Humans, at least that Eyezak the Riddle Robot knows, cannot handle. Being good at more than a handful of things is usually out of most Humans’ wheelhouses. Having friends lightens that load a bit by distributing the responsibility for expertise across more than a single person.

When you meet new people, or entities like Eyezak the Riddle Robot from our Riddle App, you immediately like them or do not like them. If you do not, then they are never asked to be your friend; however, if you do like them, most Humans, after a little bit of time, ask them to be their friend. So you do ask people to be your friend, because you need friends. Much like money, the more you have, the happier you will become, at least as far as Riddle Robot Eyezak is concerned! What about giving Friendship?

Do you give friendship? Usually people who have asked you to be their friend, have spent an appreciable amount of time with you, and Riddle Robot Eyezak knows that. You probably have some things in common. Because of this, many, if not most people, will give others their friendship. As a whole, it is most likely that yes you will give another person your friendship if they ask nicely, and are someone you like. Now knowing that you need friendship, ask for it, and even give it, do you actually take it?

Yes, of course! You NEED friends. They probably gave you their friendship because you ASKED them for it. It is safe to say that most of the time you are willing to GIVE yours in return. All of those things point to the fact that you will most likely take it, if it is given to you. Our Riddle Robot Eyezak’s question requires that for the Riddle App to consider your answer correct, it must satisfy the last “but never takes it” part of the question. Since that is false here, we can rule it out.


When Riddle Robot Eyezak, from our Riddle App, says a riddle to you, he needs your attention, so that he can guarantee that you have heard what he said, and are thinking about all the details before you try to answer him. Humans are the same way. Before a Human can validate that their communication is getting across, they require the attention of the person they are communicating with. So you need attention.

Riddle Robot Eyezak also asked if you ask for attention. Well, yes, most people ask for it. You may not say the words “can I have your attention please,” though sometimes you might, but you most likely use body language to ask for it. You might point to something, or gesture for someone to look at you by scooping towards yourself, or wave your hand to catch a person’s eye. Either way, you do ask for it, even if non-verbally.

Do you give it? Probably. Most people tend to look at someone waving their hand, or pointing, or scooping air towards themselves. They also tend to follow what the crowd is doing, which is usually paying attention. Riddle Robot Eyezak, from our Riddle App, understands Human Psychology, at least to some degree, which helps him realize that almost all Humans need, ask for, and give attention freely. Knowing that you do, when you do, do you take it?

You do. Do not feel bad though. So does everyone else. We all need it, so when we get it, we are elated. Each of us ask for it in our own way, so when we are graced with it, we feel fulfilled. Everyone also gives it, because they know when they need it, they want people to reciprocate it. Riddle Robot Eyezak, from our Riddle App, knows that this is an absolute truth; therefore, it cannot be the answer!


As Humans, we all have our own opinions. Everyone has one, and everyone feels like they need one in order to stand out like a unique snowflake in a sea of snowflakes. Riddle Robot Eyezak, from our Riddle App, understands this flaw in the Human condition, and knows that you might think it is the correct answer to his question. We should analyze it further.

When we are in a group, and want to make sure that our actions include everyone’s opinions, we tend to ask the group for each person’s opinion. Then once we have it, we try to come to a compromise that will satisfy as much of those opinions as possible. Especially in a group situation, we all ask for it. Riddle Robot Eyezak understands that about Humans, even if we do not understand it about ourselves. Our Riddle Robot is keen like that.

Each of us are quick to give our opinions, sometimes even without being goaded into providing it, and especially when we feel like it is not being considered. Riddle Robot Eyezak is aware that Humans need to feel included, and that one way of showing that they are, is by giving their opinion and listening to other’s opinions. Our Riddle Robot has many insights into Human behavior! Do we take the opinions we are given?

Quite often, and most certainly in group social situations where we have multiple choices, we do tend to listen to each person’s opinion and carefully consider it when making the final choice. Unfortunately that means that we do in fact take most opinions, at least most of us do. Because of that, it is probably not the right answer for Riddle Robot Eyezak, or our Riddle App.


Riddle Robot Eyezak asked a question whose answer was advice. This is a picture of a dad giving advice to his son, in front of a sunset.

Advice is a thing that most Humans need, and on a regular basis. Riddle Robot Eyezak has observed that Humans are always in need of advice, especially when they try to answer riddles in his Riddle App. In fact, much of Human communication is driven by the need for advice. It might be something small, like “which pair of shoes go best with this outfit.” Sometimes it is something big, like “what percentage of my income should I put away for retirement.” Either way, we are constantly in need of advice.

Mostly, as Eyezak the Riddle Robot would say, when Humans are in need of advice, they ask for it from another Human. The act of needing it, facilitate the act of asking for. It is so common in fact that you would be hard pressed to find something that a person needs who they have never asked for, baring of course something private or embarrassing, like help with their mental state or personal hygiene.

Eyezak the Riddle Robot, from our Riddle App, has also seen that most Humans give their advice freely, sometimes even unsolicited. Most Humans have a nasty habit of trying to always be right. When they hear something that they know to be wrong, they feel it is their moral obligation to correct it before it gets too far off what they feel is the right path. Eyezak the Riddle Robot is fully aware of this Human flaw, which is how he knows you definitely need it, ask for it, and give it, all the time.

Will you take it though? Statistics say NO. Most people like asking for advice, but never actually take it, even if it is sound advice. We suspect that is because Humans tend to ask for advice as a soft way of letting others know that something is ailing them. They do not want to come out and say “I do not know how to plan for my retirement effectively, and I am scare that I am making a mistake.”

As a softer way of asking, and to save a little face on their part, they ask “do you have any tips that can help me plan for my retirement?” This makes it seem less like they are completely incompetent on the subject, and more like they want your help, even though in reality they are actually telling you that they have no idea what to do about their retirement and are in a panic. In many ways, it is a political maneuver to make them look competent while letting you know that they are having a problem.

It is just unfortunate that most people will not accept your advice on a topic, even after they absolutely need it and therefore ask you for it. You are willing to give it, but they are unwilling to actually take it, either because they are embarrassed, or because they think they know better already. Maybe we can all do a little better and either do not ask, or ask when we are actually looking for help.

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