Riddle: What is used by man, tossed by trees, and is everywhere but unseen?




Our Riddle Game knows that Humans (man, even though that is a bit sexist) use trees and the byproducts of trees for various reasons in our everyday life. We use the stalk of the tree, called a trunk, to produce wooden planks, that are then a primary construction material for modern buildings. Leaves that comes from a tree are used to produce fertilizer. Sap can be used for food an adhesives. The ecosystems that exist in trees also serve huge purposes for Humankind.

We will talk about each possible material a tree can produce and that man will use, and see if each of them fit as the answer of the riddle posed to us by Riddle Robot Eyezak, in our Riddle Game. First, we start by creating a list. Then we narrow down the list one thing at a time until we find the answer. Here is our list:

  • wood
  • leaves
  • sap
  • air


As a Human, there is a very, very good chance that at some point in your life you have experienced the usage of wood as a material. It may be used to create the walls of the building you are in. Or it may be the handle of your favorite cooking utensil. Or maybe it is the material that provides the structural integrity of that chair you relax in. Regardless though, it is everywhere, and an essential part of daily Human life, at least in most places on earth. Eyezak the Riddle Robot understands this.

As such, our Riddle Game has forced its main character Eyezak the Riddle Robot to ask a question about trees inside the app. You probably did not expect he would ask it, since he is a digital entity, but Eyezak frequently asks questions about daily Human life, because he wants you to have a chance to beat his Riddle Game.

This wood is usually harvested from a tree in the most harsh way possible: by chopping down the tree. Once the tree is no longer attached to the Earth, we as Humans process the tree in such a way that it produces mostly identically sized planks of wood. Our Riddle Game understands that these planks are a basic building block of many modern structures and products.

The question is, does the tree throw it? Typically speaking, no, trees do not throw wood. It is however possible that our Riddle Game may consider a tree losing a branch as a way that the tree may throw the wood. Because this could be true, it is worth exploring whether this answer satisfies the last part of our Riddle Game’s riddle. Eyezak the Riddle Robot inside our app said that whatever the answer is, must also go unseen.

Does wood go unseen once it is thrown from the tree (fallen off in the form of a branch)? No. As we discussed above, wood is an essential part of our lives as Humans, and our Riddle Game knows that. One can simply open their eyes and look around, and find wood that is being used, practically everywhere in Human civilization. Because of this, we can rule out wood as the answer to our riddle, and ignore trying to add it to our app.


In our Riddle Game, after hearing and reading the riddle Eyezak the Riddle Robot posed to us, we can guess that the answer is probably some byproduct of a tree. Our app is aware of how a tree functions. It grows a trunk. That trunk extends in multiple directions, using “sub-trunks” we call “branches.” Each branch has a vast quantity of these photo-sensitive extensions, called “leaves,” which are vital to the growth of any tree.

These leaves descend from the heights of a tree pretty much all the time, but can be most noticed during the autumn months of the year, where most trees drop them in droves. Our Riddle Game is aware of the autumn season, and thus knows that Humans might make use of leaves. Eyezak from our app knows that leaves have many many uses, anywhere from medicine to fertilizer. As Humans, we tend to use as much of the tree as possible.

Knowing that trees throw these leave things from their branches, especially during the season of autumn, and knowing that Humans make active use of them in a variety of ways, we can say for sure that leaves satisfy at least two of the three parts of our query. What about the last?

Do they go unseen once they are thrown? No. Even though there are exceptions to this rule, our Riddle Game and Eyezak the Riddle Robot inside the app know that leaves are visible to most Humans. If you look around a tree, you can easily see that leaves are very visible. Even though they are so useful overall to most Humans, they are also very unsightly. Most Humans find that sweeping them up with a rake is a required task to maintain order. Because of this, we know our app does not want this as the answer.


Our Riddle Game knows that trees produce a lot of byproducts, including a less common one, called “sap.” This material is considerably less common than leaves, as it is only relevant for certain types of trees. It does still have its uses though, both in food products and in adhesives.

Sap is a thick sticky liquid that runs along the outer layer of a tree and is used by the tree to move water around to each part that may need it, most specifically leaves. Our Riddle Game has limited knowledge in this area, but does know one important thing about sap. Typically a tree needs its sap, and does not freely throw it away. It is protected, sometimes by bark, so that it can help provide the life giving water resource to its various parts.

Because it is not thrown from a tree, we can assume that Riddle Robot Eyezak from our Riddle Game app does not want to see it as the answer. Knowing this, let us cu bait and move on to the next possible answer, without further exploring the other negative inducing facts about sap.


This Riddle Game asked a question about air. We provide here, a picture of the atmosphere with clouds, to represent air.

We know for sure that trees produce air (oxygen). It is also pretty common knowledge that oxygen is required in order for Humans to survive. Our Riddle Game, and more specifically Eyezak the Riddle Robot inside the app, is counting on the average Human being able to make that connection. You breath air, and it is used by our cells to produce the energy that we need to keep our bodies moving, both physically and mentally.

Our Riddle Game knows that trees provide this oxygen to us freely, without us asking for it, as a byproduct of their own energy producing process, called Photosynthesis. They combine six molecules of CO2 together (along with some other stuff) to produce glucose. During that process, it releases 6 oxygen atoms into the air, which one could say is “thrown” from the tree for anyone to use.

This air is comprised of many, many of these oxygen atoms, so many that they are hard to quantify on a meaningful level, even for someone like Eyezak the Riddle Robot inside our Riddle Game app. Despite there being so many of them however, we as Humans cannot distinguish it from the rest of the elements floating around in the air, at least visually. This means that we cannot see it. In fact, we cannot see an of the elements in the air as Humans, or even Eyezak in our Riddle Game, without the aid of some equipment.

Eyezak the Riddle Robot, from our Riddle Game app, knows that most Humans do not have access to such equipment, and thus never get the privilege of seeing oxygen, or any air elements, up close. Our Riddle Game understand that the average Human can walk around without seeing air, and without feeling like they are missing something. So because of this, it satisfies all three parts of the query from Eyezak, the Riddle Robot. Put that answer into our Riddle Game app, and beat him!

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