Riddle: This heavy and ancient suit was not worn with a tie, but was always worn in battle.




Riddles are fun! This one is about suits. Suits are made for all kinds of people, male and female, big and small, short and tall, heavy and light. It does not matter what your size is, you can probably find a pre-made suit for yourself in a suit store, or at least visit a tailor and have one made on your behalf. Either way, this suit you purchase will undoubtedly weigh next to nothing, and is not the symbol of battle that our Riddles indicate. Our Riddle Robot Eyezak, from our riddle game, asks for an answer that will satisfy multiple criteria, like with our other Riddles.

  • must be a type of suit
  • must be ancient
  • must be heavy
  • must be worn in battle

Knowing that the latest of our Riddles, by Eyezak the Riddle Robot in our riddle game, asks for these several criteria, we should devise a strategy to hone in on the proper answer. First, we should identify several types of suits. Then we should run through them one at a time, compare the results, and see if one stands out as meeting all the criteria. Here is our list:

  • business suit
  • bomb squad outfit
  • suit from a deck of cards
  • armor

Business Suit

In the professional world, you always want to look your best. When you are growing up, surely your parents, or some relevant adult, thought you that in order to “look your best” you have to wear a suit. For instance, as Riddle Robot Eyezak in our riddle game knows, if you want to go to church, you have to wear a suit, or your other church goers will look at you funny. Our latest Riddles criteria talk about the answer being a type of suit. This is a perfect candidate.

Next, do they have ancient versions of this type of suit? Well not in the sense that you will probably be used to, but yes you did dress up in your “best suit” to visit group gatherings, especially in social situations where money was a topic. You want to show that you can afford stuff, and an easy way of doing that is via a business suit.

Are they heavy? Maybe yes to a little kid, but definitely not to a full grown adult. It is easy to put on, to wear around, and to move in. The only heavy thing about a business suit is usually the price tag. What about wearing it to battle? Would you? Probably not unless you were a James Bond style spy or Jason Statham Transporter type character. A business suit is completely impractical for most battles. Because neither of these fit, we should call this one a bust, and definitely not the Riddles answer!

Bomb Squad Outfit

Eyezak the Riddle Robot knows that these suits have been featured on many, many TV shows in the past two decades or so. It is a giant, pale brown, very thick, heavy State-Puff Marshmellow Man type suit that bomb experts wear when they approach a known live bomb that they intend to defuse. The idea is that the suit is thick enough that it prevents the wearer from absorbing all of the blast of a bomb, if it were to go off, effectively saving their life. Because of this we know it is a suit and that it is heavy, at least heavy-duty.

There is a problem though, which will probably prevent it from been the answer to any Riddles like this one. It is not ancient. They were invented more than two decades ago, unlike depicted in movies, but they are not from ancient times. You would also be pretty useless in hand to hand battle with it on. Have you ever seen them on TV. The wearer is typically slow, despite all the protection. So it is likely not the answer. Moving on..

Deck of Cards Suit

Each deck of cards have four suits: spades, hearts, diamonds and clubs. Those suits are very distinct from one another, and are intentionally so. Because of this, we know that this is a type of suit, and that there are at least 4 of them we know of. Also cards are a pretty ancient concept. They have been around for the better part of a few millenniums. Even back to ancient china some types of playing cards were around.

So we, and Riddle Robot Eyezak, know they have suits, and we know that they are ancient, but the latest of our Riddles asks specifically about being heavy or worn in battle. Are playing cards either of these? Not usually.

If you wanted heavy playing cards, you would need to have them custom made out of a heavy material like stone or something. These things are doable, but uncommon. You also do not bring them to battle, unless you are talking about like a Yu-gi-oh tournament, where you are battling other players with cards. But if you are talking about that, then you are not using “suits” anymore. So It seems like this would not be the right answer based on these criteria not being met. The latest of our Riddles is looking for something else.


The latest of our Riddles was about armor. This is the image of a knight in a full suit of armor!

Riddle Robot Eyezak knows suits of armor have been a thing since “ancient” times. Ancient warriors have been wearing armor since we could make things out of metal. It protects them when they participate in war and invasions of enemy territory, otherwise known as “battle.” Metal, being the primary material they are made out of, is very “heavy.”

So as you can see we checked every box here: they are a suit, they are ancient, they are heavy, and they are worn in battle. That pretty much proves that this is the correct answer to the latest of our Riddles. If you still have questions please post them below. Also, if you know of something else that satisfies all the parts of this riddle, please write it below.

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