Riddle: I’m very tempting, so its said, I have a shiny coat of red, and my flesh is white beneath. I smell so sweet, taste good to eat, and help to guard your teeth.




This Riddle Answer is a little less abstract than normal; however the questions is quite a bit more wordy and abstract than we have had in the past. Let us break it down into parts. Here is a list of things that must be true about the Riddle Answer before it can be correct or accepted by Eyezak the Riddle Robot inside the newest of riddle games:

  • must be tempting some how
  • have a shiny red coat
  • white flesh
  • a sweet smell
  • a good taste
  • and must guard your teeth

Even for the best of all riddle games, Eyezak the Riddle Robot, this is a lot of requirements for a correct answer. Thankfully though, the more specific you are with clues, that usually means it is easier to narrow down. We can start by identifying items that satisfy one of these parameters, and then stepping through each item and validate its correctness by comparing the other parameters to it. Hopefully this will help us arrive at the Riddle Answer.

  • candy is tempting
  • my aunt Mabel has a red coat
  • cinnamon rolls smell sweet
  • carrots are good to eat
  • toothpaste guards my teeth
  • apples at least have a red coat too


When you walk through a store, if you have a sweet tooth, when you pass the candy aisle, you are probably tempted to walk down it, and pick your favorite treat! This Riddle Answer requires a bit more than just tempting, but we are of to a good start with that. Candy tempts most people.

Only certain candies have a red coat though. For instance, M&Ms have coats, sometimes red. Same for Skittles. Really any “candy coated” anything can have this coat. We all know that most candy is sweet, and that is why we like it, at least most of us. It almost all tastes good to eat, unless you are like some people and hate a certain flavor, like coconut, which will exclude you from liking the types of candy that contain that flavor or food.

In order to be the correct Riddle Answer though, the objects must meet every Riddle Answer requirement. Most candy does not have “white flesh” though. About the only candy we can think of that could be considered to have this would be Almond Joy, Mounds, and Three Musketeers. Surely there are others, but not very many. Candy is also not good for your teeth. Dentists warn the world daily about the “dangers of candy,” which in it of itself is kind of funny.

So given the fact that candy does not meet every requirement, we can safely rule it out from being the correct Riddle Answer. Do not attempt to enter it into the Riddle Robot app, the newest and best of all riddle games. Eyezak will insult you. Instead we should continue trying to track down the correct Riddle Answer for you to use.

Aunt Mabel

Aunt Mabel does in fact have a red coat! She also does have white flesh and smells sweet when she visits on holidays. Surely there are some men out there, around the world find her tempting in her own way. So far we are off to a strong start for her to be the answer to our Riddle Robot question. We should continue to validate that she can be the answer for these riddle games.

Eyezak said she must taste good to eat for her to be the correct Riddle Answer. Eating a person is a crime pretty much anywhere, so it is unlikely that anyone would be able to validate this were true, assuming it was. Furthermore, it is unclear how a person would guard anyone else’s teeth. Even if she stood in front of your mouth, your food would still be attacking your teeth. Because of this, she is unlikely to be the correct Riddle Answer that Eyezak the Riddle Robot is looking for. Next.

Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnamon Rolls, and other tasty pastry treats, all definitely smell sweet when you breath the air near a pastry shop on the street! When you eat them, they tend to go down smooth and taste good, and encourage you to have more, unless you have a Gluten allergy. The Riddle Answer must also have white flesh, which if you look inside many pastries, they do have a white bread-like flesh. They are also tempting when you walk by a bakery. Most people would walk in because of smell alone!

Alas the Riddle answer for Eyezak the Riddle Robot must have a shiny red coat! Of all the riddle games, Eyezak does a great job at articulating his question and analyzing your Riddle Answer. He says that most pastries, like cinnamon rolls, do not have a shiny red coat. Also, they are not good for your teeth, having such a high sugar content. Because of this, Eyezak is confident that this is not the Riddle Answer for any of the riddle games out there, even Riddle Robot.


It is a little known fact that carrots are actually a sweeter vegetable than most. They are good for you and they usually taste good going down because of their high sugar content. Carrots are high in vitamin K, which is good for your eyes, but it is unclear whether it has any appreciable affect on your teeth. Uncertainty swings us towards not being a good Riddle Answer for Eyezak the Riddle Robot. We should continue though.

Our Riddle Answer needs a shiny red coat. Have you ever seen a carrot, that is edible, that has a shiny red coat? Nope. Nobody has. They do not exist. They are also not white inside, but orange instead (most of the time). They also are not very tempting to most people, because they are usually too healthy for most people’s liking. Unfortunately they tend to get relegated to being a side dish or a small part of a main course, rather than their own dish.

We know they are sweet and taste good. It is also clear that they do not have a shiny red coat or white flesh. Nobody is tempted by them, and it is unclear if they are good for our teeth. All of these factors considered, carrots are probably not the Riddle Answer Riddle Robot Eyezak is looking for in the newest of his riddle games.


As we grow up, hopefully, our parents tell us the importance of brushing our teeth multiple times a day. It safe guards them for when we get older, and it prevents those long term tooth problems. Therefore we know that toothpaste, being part of the tooth brushing process, does guard our teeth. A lot of times it is also made of a white paste (or flesh). And if your parents did it right, they have you tempted to brush them very often to keep those teeth clean and safe!

Most toothpaste however is not very good tasting. It is also usually not sweet. In fact, it is usually removing all the residual sweet taste from your mouth as it removes all the plaque and tartar build up. Finally, there are almost no toothpastes out there that have any red in them at all, let alone a shiny red coat.

Given all the factors, this is another Riddle Answer that is not correct. Eyezak the Riddle Robot knows that it only meets half the criteria, so if you attempt to use it as the Riddle Answer, he will poke fun at you, and encourage you to do better!


This Riddle Answer is apple. The picture is of an apple on a stack of books.

Apples meet every requirement. They have a shiny red coat, most of the time anyways. There are more red types of apples than any other color, so this is true for most of them. Inside of them is also that white sweet tasting flesh. The smell of an apple tends to permeate an entire room once it is cut or smashed, exposing the tasty white flesh. The other two criteria for the Riddle Answer require a little more discussion though.

Firstly, are they tempting? Well yes. Not only are they tempting because they taste and smell sweet, but there is an entertainment reference that makes them tempting also. Think about the story of Snow White. The Evil Queen “tempts” Snow White with a shiny red apple, which she has coincidentally poisoned for the occasion. Therefore the clue makes sense: apples are tempting, according to pop-culture.

Finally, they guard your teeth, which is the last part of our Riddle Answer requirements. There is an age old anecdote that reference an apple: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” This adage, while referring to all doctors, does include dentists. The apples act as if they are tooth brushes because of the high fiber content. They also contain a strong-enough acid to kill most bacteria of the mouth.

So because it meets all the parameters that are required for a valid answer, Riddle Robot Eyezak knows that all riddle games will accept apple as the Riddle Answer, including his. If you still have questions or know of something else that could answer this riddle, please comment below!

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