Riddle: You can’t live without doing this, and we all do it at the same time. Yet many wish it wasn’t happening. What is it?




Eyezak the Riddle Robot asked us a new riddle. It has three distinct parts to it that are required for a valid answer. Those three parts are:

  • you are not alive if you do not do it
  • we all do it at the same time
  • many people wish we didn’t do it

All of these things are pretty straight forward. Together though, they are answered by one unique word. We are going to create a list of things that we know match at least one condition, then we will run through that list and compare it to the other items in our requirement list. Hopefully we will have a single item left at the end. First, here is the list of things we will talk about:

  • breathing
  • thinking
  • eating
  • aging


Yes, we all breath, and yes, we as Humans require breathing in order to stay alive. This is a good sign for it being a target answer for Riddle Robot Eyezak. We should explore the other conditions though to make sure this one fits perfectly into our little box.

Do we all breath at the same pace? Well, no. In fact, any one person may breath at a different pace as even themselves, when compared to another moment in time. For instance, when you sit on the couch watching television, you might breath 12 times a minute; however, while you run a marathon, you might breath 30 times a minute. Also while you run the marathon, the people watching you do so are sitting in chairs, and breathing 12 times a minute. So we definitely do not all do it at the same pace.

What about most people wishing we did not do it? This cannot be true either. Since it is a requirement for us to continue living, and almost every person on the planet suffers from self-preservation, it is illogical to assume that most, if any at all, of us wish we did not breath. Not breathing would mean death, and none of us want to die.

As you can see, breathing cannot be the answer Riddle Robot Eyezak is looking for. He specifically asked us to meet 3 conditions with our answer. Breathing only satisfies one of those three, which means it is not even close to being a correct answer. Do not waste your time using this to answer our Riddle Robot, and instead read on for more possible answers and their explanations.


Riddle Robot Eyezak asked us to find something that we all do that is required for us to continue living. First, what is living? Does that mean that your body is still pumping blood? Does it mean you have brain function? Does it mean that you can interact with your environment in some way? Most people would agree that in order to be living, in the strictest since, you have to be able to think so you can interact with the world around you. So yes, thinking is required to live.

How about the “we all do it at the same pace” part of the quandary from our Riddle Robot? Ummm, no. Again here we deviate. Without mentioning the obvious mental impairments that can come with a huge variety of disabilities, just thinking about people who are completely healthy, and their ability to think, we can identify that not everyone thinks at the same pace.

As a young person, talking with an old person can sometimes be frustrating, and Riddle Robot Eyezak knows this. Ignoring the obvious generational gap, there are many scenarios where the young person is thinking of questions and answers at a very fast pace. While that happens, an older person tends to need extra time to process the questions and formulate their answers.

This is not only because they have more experience to consider, but also because their brain is actually having a harder time functioning in the intended manner. Think about brain related conditions that only affect, or primarily affect, old people, like Alzheimer’s. It is proven with science that as a person ages, their brain starts to degrade, and this impairs their ability to think, usually resulting in gaps in knowledge or speed degradation.

What about most of us wishing that we did not do it? No. This simply cannot be true. Thinking is how we do anything. We cannot read, speak, touch, smell, taste, express, create, explore, or anything between. There is literally nothing we cannot do without thinking, including wanting to not think. Because of this, our Riddle Robot is probably not expecting this as the answer. Keep reading for other possible answers for Riddle Robot Eyezak.


Even though Eyezak the Riddle Robot is a machine, he is still aware that Humans have to eat, and that it is required for Humans to live. Eating provides the body with sustenance, which gives us energy. That energy is what we use to carry out any of these tasks, and more: moving, thinking, or feeling. Basically everything about us requires that we eat. Yes. This satisfies the first requirement from Riddle Robot.

Do we all do it at the same pace? No. Compare your eating habits to your significant other. When you eat a meal, do you both eat and finish at the same time? Probably not. But if you do, compare yourself to any member of your family or any of your friends. You will most certainly find at least one person that does not eat at the same pace as you. That alone will prevent this from being the answer for Riddle Robot Eyezak. We will still look at the last condition though.

Is it true that many of us wish that we did not eat? The vast majority of us eat as part of our every day lives. Yes food is costly, both in monetary value and in time consumption; however, only a few of us actively wish we did not have to do it, and most of those people are ones with conditions that make them feel that way, either physical conditions or mental ones. More people enjoy eating as an activity to explore and congregate, and less view it as a task we are charged with beyond our control.

As you can see, Riddle Robot Eyezak probably will not choose this as a correct answer. Like the others, it only satisfies one out of the three conditions. We should just move on and explore the last possible answer we came up with, because we want you to get it right on the Riddle Robot game.


Riddle Robot Eyezak asked a riddle about aging. This picture is of a beautiful old woman.

We all age. It is a side-effect of continuing to live and carry out our daily lives. Thus, we cannot live without doing it. Knowing this, it does satisfy the first condition posed by Riddle Robot Eyezak. What about the other requirements?

Do we all do it at the same pace? YES! We do it at the same pace, because it is something we do not each control on our own. It is an independent measurement of time that we are alive. Since time moves at the same pace for everyone, it stands to reason that we all experience it at the same pace, and therefore we all age at the same pace. So that is two of three conditions matched. What about the last?

Would it be true to say that most people wished we did not age? YES! It is a very common though amongst Humans that we all wish we “had more time.” Ergo, we all wish we did not have to age. Humans have been spent most of recorded history trying to increase the amount of time we are alive. Advancements in fields like food production and medical treatment have actually increased it significantly in the last 100 years or so.

As a whole though, we as Humans wish we had more time, which means we all wish we did not age. This makes us satisfy the third and final condition from Riddle Robot Eyezak, which was “most people wish we did not.” That means we meet all three requirements, meaning that Aging is the answer for sure. If you have questions or think you know something else that fits this description or if you just want to talk, make a comment below!

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